College Road, Upholland, Lancashire , WN8 0PY

Mission Statement

Illuminated by the light of Christ and grounded in love, we grow together, on our journey of discovery and learning.


Our School Values



Live life to the full, Love like Jesus, Learn from every opportunity as we Grow together in faith.


‘Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.’
St Therese of Lisieux

Governors will, together with the staff, sustain and drive the whole development of St Teresa’s based on a culture of challenge and support.

•To attend meetings and support and challenge the staff.
•To uphold the distinctive nature of a catholic school.
•To take an active role in the life of the school.
•To use skill and talents to develop the school.

Staff will endeavour to create an environment which cherishes individuals and provides opportunities for all to blossom in a spirit of love and understanding.

•To provide a rich and inspiring curriculum that provides for the needs of all children.
•To make the children feel loved and valued.
•To have high expectations of the children both academically and spiritually in equal measures.
•To value and appreciate the contributions of parents and the wider community.

Parents will support their children and the school with a shared partnership based on mutual respect and trust through honest and open communication.

•To uphold the school’s values and high expectations.
•To provide opportunities for children to develop academically, spiritually, morally and culturally.
•To support the spiritual development of the children by being involved in sacramental preparation and spiritual celebrations.

Children will feel valued and happy in an environment where they try their best always and support our community by embracing St Teresa’s Little Ways.

•To care about others both in our school and the wider community.
•To work hard and embrace all opportunities.
•To show respect to each other and the school environment.
•To welcome spiritual experiences with reverence and respect.

Our Parish Community will play a crucial role in contributing to the spiritual development of all.

•To share skills and knowledge with the school community.
•To value their contribution to the life of our school mission.
•To support the children in their spiritual development, sacramental preparation and learning.